How I edit my Instagram pictures

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well. I decided I should finally share my secrets and show you guys how I edit my Instagram pictures. This is what I do for flatlay pictures. I will do another post on how I edit lifestyle pictures and makeup looks.

For my flatlay pictures, I only use one app. That’s Snapseed. I tried other apps but it doesn’t have the same effect. I used to use VSCO but since it has limited features, I had to come back and touch up on snapseed.

I use my Huawei P20 lite to take out my pictures and I only use natural light. This is the picture before editing.

The first thing that I do is tune the image. I start off by increasing the brightness, contrast, saturation. I increase the highlights a lot because I want my background to look white. Then I decrease the shadows to bring out the blacks in the background.

After that I use the brush function and click on the exposure tool. I use the brush on just the white background. This helps maintain that cohesive white theme on Instagram.

Next I click grainy film and use the first filter there which is A01. I decrease the grain to 0 and the filter strength to 50. I want the picture to be natural as possible and this filter brings out a lovely vibrance to the picture.

After when I’m done I make sure to always to add my handle to all my flatlays. Just in case if someone does use it without my permission , it will be hard to take out the text from the image.

And lastly if I’m still not happy with the whites in the background, I increase the highlights to my liking.

I know it’s a long process but now it takes like literally 2-3 minutes to edit my flatlay pictures.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you want to see more posts like these.

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