Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel Review

Hi there and welcome back to the BronzingBlossom blog. If you have heard of Bio-oil, you would know their famous skincare oil. I previously reviewed the Bio-oil skincare oil which you can read here. I was excited to know when they launched their new product, the Dry Skin Gel. I purchased it on along with few other goodies.

Dry Skin Gel was developed for people with dry skin. It is made with oil which leaves a warm sensation when applied to the skin compared to normal skincare dry products which are made with water and majority of the time, the water evaporates when applied to the skin.

This product comes in a 50ml,100ml and 200ml. I decided to purchase the 50ml to test out the product and see it was fit for my oil skin type. What makes it different from the skincare oil is the texture. This pinkish gel glides on the skin better than the skincare oil. It feels so light-weight and absorbs into the skin almost immediately. If you are familiar with bio-oil scent, this one has the exact scent.

I’m really pleased to have tried this product. It lives up to its claims and moisturizes my skin. It feels amazing on my skin. It is dermatological tested and is suitable for all skin types.

Bio-oil Dry Skin Gel retails for the 50ml (R59.99), 100ml (R109.99) and 200ml (R184.99).

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