Best drugstore top coat?

Hey! I know this maybe bit delayed but Happy New Year. I was spending so much of time with the family that I hardly had time to sit down and write a blog post. However, here I am finally back at it. So I love trying out nail polishes, but I often find that if I find the right top coat, it increases the durability of the nail polish. Believe me when I say I have tried dozens of top coats before I found the Essence gel top coat. Keep on reading to find out why it became a fast favorite for me.

Essence claims: “the innovative base coat and top coat formula improves the durability of the “gel nail polish” by 60 percent! the nails are given an extreme, long-lasting gel-shine finish without the need for an LED or UV lamp.”

This top coat applies on the nail like a dream. It takes quickly to dry and has the gel-like finish on my nails. I like the fact that it doesn’t require a UV lamp as this is not efficient to carry with you everywhere. You will immediately notice the shine on your nails.

Things to take note of:

The first few uses you will notice that this top coat lives up to its claims and increases the wear of your nail polish. After a while though, when you keep opening the nail polish bottle, this top coat becomes thick and clumpy and makes it hard to apply on your nails. Another thing to be aware of, is that it loses its shine after 2 days which I’m guessing you will have to reapply again.

Aside from those things to note of, it’s an affordable brand and if you are looking for something with beauty on a budget this one is for you.

The recommended retail price is R54,95.

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