The Body Shop Drops of Youth worth a try?

I never ever considered myself a skincare junkie but as of recently I can positively say I am. I started my journey of a proper skincare routine two years ago. After a couple of uses of certain drugstore products, I decided to switch things up and try The Body Shop products. I gravitated to this brand mainly on the basis that they were vegan beauty products and were cruelty free. Their products do not contain animal ingredients which also include honey, beeswax, milk, eggs and so on.

Another reason for purchasing their products was because of their staff. They are so well informed upon selling me their product, they told me about the history and the key ingredients that goes in making the product. I was under the misconception that the drops of youth were an antiaging product and was meant to be used on older and mature people. Oh, if I only knew wrong I was. I quickly learned that this product was used to make skin smoother, that is suppler and refined apart from combating the first signs of aging. Also, if you are wondering if this product will work for you, then it’s a yes. It’s great for all skin types.

Drops of Youth Cream

Firstly, I love the light texture of this cream. When I applied it to my face, it glided on so smoothly and got absorbed immediately. This cream is made with three plant stem cells which are Edelweiss, cristae marine and Sea holly. It is also contains Organic babassu oil. I have noticed that my oils in my T-Zone are kept at bay when I use this cream. I also like the fact that it is dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic. This product retails for R240 which is pricey however it is worth every dime. Although it did make my skin smoother, I have seen a difference on my blemishes. They have faded away after 4 weeks and that basically targets my main skin concerns. I used this as a day and night cream and was glad about the results. The only thing I disliked about this product is it did not contain SPF.

Drops of Youth Concentrate

This basically contains the same key ingredients as the cream but in a potent form. My skin could only handle it applied once a day and only during my night care skin routine. When I applied it twice a day, I just noticed my skin being congested and had those small pimples appearing on my cheeks and nose. On a positive note, this serum does wonders. It sped up the process of making my skin smoother. This product sells for R330 which is understandable as this product can last person between 2-3 months.

If you are a person who wants to switch up their skincare routine or wants to combat antiaging and blemishes I highly recommend these products.