Essie nail polishes

Hi there!

Hope everyone is well. Just thought I should write a quick review on one of my favorite beauty products! So let’s get straight to it 😊

Here’s a quick review on Essie nail polishes:

I have been using Essie nail polishes for years now and nothing can compare to it. Their names of nail polishes is super fun and creative. The brush is super easy to use and distributes the product evenly on the nails. The lasting power of Essie nail polishes is ridiculously insane. And I’m talking about without top coat. For me it lasted about 7 days. Essie also has a wide range of colors to suit to everyone’s needs. I’ll be reviewing this product again so be on the watch for this😊

But here’s a swatch of the color lovie dovie

For now take care❤️

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