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    Lockdown heatless styling-L’Oreal
    Studio Line Invisi’hold 24h Natural Clear Gel Extra Strength

    I have been so lazy to do my hair that honestly now days that I just leave it to air dry. However, I do want to look neat and tidy so I just put  some gel and style it to the way I want. Also, I hardly tested this product so it gave it me a chance to review this product. This product claims to hold hair for up to 24 hours in your desired style without stickiness, stiffness or flaking. I feel to a certain extent that this claim is true. Yes this product can hold up to 24 hours but it flakes alot. I guess because because I…

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    Makeup products that I have been enjoying

    I started playing around with makeup again and I’m glad that I actually did. I got a chance to see what I like and what I need to throw away. Also, I discovered that I had a lot of expired makeup that I even forgot about. Anyways for this review I decided to select two products that I would usually grab onto when I leave the house and thought a lip product is a must and I also needed a product to create dimension to my face which a bronzer is perfect for. The Wet n Wild MegaLast Catsuit High-Shine LipstickĀ  is such an amazing product to have. It is…