Hoola Benefit: Is it ideal for nc45?

So by now if you watch YouTube tutorials or follow beauty bloggers I’m pretty sure you came across this famous bronzer. Like you, if you did infact hear about, I fell into the hype of this and rushed to the nearest shopping center to make a new purchase and finally bring home a new edition to my makeup collection.

Was it worth it?

Okay let me be honest. I’m happy that does product has a mirror and a brush making it convenient to travel with when you are on the go. This is a good product. The longevity of it is absolutely astounding. After a long day I still noticed the product on the hollow of my cheekbones. The only downside to this product for me is that it hardly shows up on my skin color. It’s almost like a natural contour on my face. For reference I’m a nc45 foundation shade. Then only thing I can suggest that if you are darker than nc45 is not to make a purchase of this product if you are going to use it as a bronzer.

If you are interested in buying this product, an interesting thing to know is that Benefit sells mini products as well. This is a good thing if you are not fully committed to make the full purchase of a product and just want to try it. The normal size of Hoola sells for R415 for 8 grams and the mini is R215 for 4 grams. Also if you like a matte and cool toned brown bronzer this might be for you.

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