Vatika Coconut enriched hair oil review

Hi all! Hope you all are doing well. So recently my hair has been feeling way too dry and it just lost its natural volume and thickness. I decided to finally make my way to a local Indian shop and purchase the Vatika Coconut enriched hair oil.

As stated on the bottle, this product contains coconut and also has key ingredients of castor and henna. Coconut basically helps make hair thicker. Castor is known to prevent hair loss and henna conditions the hair shaft.

I have only seen this product come in a 200ml bottle which I can say will last you a pretty long time if used weekly. Let it be known this product contains a strong fragrance smell that does seem to fade away when used. I guess I just got used to the smell that I forget that it is there.

I know you all are here just to see if this product works and what were the results. So let me get straight to it. The results were amazing and I can say with confidence that this product revived my hair making it look thicker and feel smoother. It did in fact help prevent my hair from frizzing which usually happens in humid weathers. I’m also happy that this product is relatively cheap and retails for just R60. This product did such amazing job that I have already purchased another one of it. It’s always good to have a back up plan when shops run out of stock.

That’s all for now. Hope you all enjoyed this post and are eager for the next one. Comment below if you have used this product and what were your thoughts about this.

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Take care😊